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M3.4 "Ameagari" &"Miwaku" MIWAKU/Mayo Nakano Piano Trio DSD 5.6MHz

1,800 JPY

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DSD 5.6MHz DSF data Mayo Nakano Piano Trio “MIWAKU” 3. Ameagari Composer: Mayo Nakano 4. Miwaku Composer: Mayo Nakano album overview "DSD11.2MHz Recording" Piano:Mayo Nakano Bass:Yoshio Ikeda Drums:Takamochi Baba *A small clicking noise is detected at the end of the silence after each tune ends. Although it is easy to remove the noise, several digital steps need to be taken at this time. Taking these steps affects sound freshness slightly. We have intentionally omitted many steps and prioritized sound quality. We would be delighted if you could understand our intention. ©️2017 Briphonic / Nippon Sogo Seisaku Co.,Ltd.

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